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Keyword-rich web copywriting and on-site SEO work together to boost Google rankings and drive targeted web traffic to boost conversions.

The right copywriting – or “website content” it’s sometimes called – is essential to the success of your business online: it engages your customers and sells your product or service – it converts browsers into buyers.

It also directly affects how your website ranks in Google, and also the degree of engagement you’ll get on social media, in your AdWords campaigns, and content marketing efforts such as blog articles and white papers.

Our multi-channel online marketing services include:

When your business strategy aligns with your online strategy you’ll see real-world business results.

To ensure that your business has a successful online presence, your website and your social media content needs great web copywriting that really works to:

  • Embody your business objectives to ensure you achieve your online business goals.
  • Promote and sell your product or service across all online channels.
  • Convert browsers into buyers, “likes” or followers.
  • Improve your Google ranking & drive targeted traffic.
  • Engage your fans on social media and build community around your brand.

SEO Web Copywriting, Search Strategy, Social Media Management & Content Creation… and more!

MeriWords is an enterprise-level SEO company. This means that we deliver a very business-centric and customised approach to the art of SEO, social media, and online content creation. We will customise a project-based approach to suit your budget and unique business requirements. We won’t try to sell you a “cookie cutter” package or lock you into a contract for all eternity.

In short, what we believe is that your business strategy needs to align with your online strategy to ensure real-world business results. This means we take the time to research your industry, your competitors and learn all about your products and services. We try to get ‘under your skin’ to see what makes your customers love you.

Finally, we also believe in doing everything in-house and with locally-based, qualified professionals. This means we do not outsource overseas to 3rd-world countries and keep strict quality control on everything we do. We’re a bit control freaky over things like that!

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